The Best Banks for International Students in Denmark

The Best Banks for International Students in Denmark

Europe is known for its educational and technological advancements, beautiful sceneries, rich culture and most especially for being a welcoming destination for new immigrants. International students in Denmark experience a top-tier education system, social welfare services and a high-income economy. 

To experience these fully, it's important to understand and get used to the financial climate in Denmark. A great way to get started is by opening a bank account. A bank account will help you better manage your affairs and expenses, receive allowances and salaries and make payments. 

This post will help you understand the factors to consider before choosing a bank as an international student in Denmark and how they relate to your needs. Then, we will discuss the top banks most suited for international students in Denmark.

How To Choose A Bank As An International Student in Denmark

Before choosing a bank in Denmark, there are some factors you need to consider carefully. These factors include:

The account fees and benefits.

Every bank and type of account offers different benefits and charges other fees in return. Before going with any bank, find out about the following fees:

  • Monthly Maintenance Fees: Student accounts that come with a lot of monthly charges are not ideal for international students looking to find their feet in a new country. Look for banks that offer free accounts or charge very low maintenance fees. 
  • Transaction Fees: These are charged to your account as you perform transactions. Consider choosing banks that waive these fees for their student accounts. 

Additionally, some banks offer special discounts and benefits to their student accounts.

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The features of the account you're interested in.

Some features you might also consider checking out include:

  • The Minimum Balance Requirement: It's important to choose a bank that doesn't require any minimum balance. Most banks don't require this for their student accounts. 
  • Debit Card: The ideal bank offers free debit cards on its student accounts. With a MasterCard/ Visa card, you can make payments internationally without hitches. If it supports multiple currencies, that's even better.
  • Mobile Banking: With a mobile app, you can easily make payments and receive money as you go about your day. It's like a bank on the go and should be very user-friendly. 

The bank's customer service.

As an international student in Denmark, you need as much support as possible. A bank that provides support and assistance in your home country's official language can be a very welcoming experience. You also need to have a bank branch near you in case you need further in-person assistance.

Ease of operation and security.

A bank with smooth processes and strong security will save you a lot of stress and tears. Make sure to read online reviews about a bank before choosing it.

Top Banks for International Students in Denmark

Denmark has one of the most efficient banking systems in the world. Many ideal banks have unique features and benefits that might interest international students: 

Danske Bank.

Danske Bank is one of the most popular banks in Denmark and for many reasons. Danske has student accounts that:

  • Have zero maintenance fees.
  • Offer free debit cards.
  • Allows multiple currencies.
  • Come with great mobile banking features. 

If you're looking for a bank with smooth operational systems and strong security as an international student in Denmark, Danske Bank is a great choice.

Nordea Bank.

Another bank you should consider checking out as an international student in Denmark is Nordea Bank because just like Danske, it has zero maintenance charges, offers free debit cards and above all, a highly rated user-friendly mobile app available in other languages. 

If you need great mobile banking services, you should consider Nordea Bank.

Jyske Bank.

Apart from having the same features as Danske and Nordea on its student accounts, Jyske Bank also boasts of excellent customer service and relationships.

If you require personalized or special services as an international student in Denmark, this bank is the one for you. This is why it's a huge favourite among international students because their needs are taken care of by well-trained customer relationship staff despite the language difference.

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Lunar Bank.

Digital banking has been heavily adopted by the younger generations because of its ease and simplicity. This is why many international students prefer the Lunar Bank

Lunar Bank waives monthly maintenance fees for student accounts and has a mobile app with an enviable user interface. As an international student in Denmark, you also get to choose between a free physical debit card or a virtual one.


One of the things international students in Denmark look for in banks is stability and strong operational structures. Sydbank offers these and much more. On its student accounts, you get:

  • A free debit card 
  • A user-friendly mobile banking app.
  • Excellent customer service.

Wrapping Up

Relocating to a new country and getting used to its systems can leave you constantly on your toes. The banking system in Denmark is not as difficult as it might seem at first. With careful research and basic knowledge of the Danish language, you can find the right bank to cater to your needs.

You can start by going through each bank's website and then gathering the necessary documents and visiting the bank to start the account opening process. 

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