Renew Your Indian Passport in the Netherlands: A Comprehensive Guide

Renew Your Indian Passport in the Netherlands: A Comprehensive Guide

According to this data, the Netherlands currently has 109 foreign embassies in The Hague alone which is the government seat of the country. Being the 5th most densely populated country in Europe, the Netherlands has a large number of foreigners residing in it. 

Indians have huge communities in the Netherlands. In fact, after the United Kingdom, the Netherlands has the largest Indian diaspora community in Europe. With this huge population of Indians, two authorities handle consulate issues for Indians living in the Netherlands. These include promoting political, economic-commercial and cultural relations between the Republic of India and the Kingdom of the Netherlands and other services including passport renewals.

As an Indian living in the Netherlands, renewing your passport is one of the things you have to do as an Indian citizen living in a foreign country. If you’re feeling a little lost on how to get started on this, this article is the comprehensive guide you need for a hassle-free process. Speaking of the authorities that handle the passport renewals of Indians, in the Netherlands, this is handled by jurisdiction. Indian citizens can visit the authority that caters to their locations of residence. For instance,

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Key Steps To Renewing Your Indian Passport In The Netherlands

Once you verify your jurisdiction based on your location, it’s time to begin the application for a passport renewal. The following are key steps to applying for and collecting your renewed passport: 

Apply for passport renewal: Passport Seva handles the online application for passport renewal of Indians in the Netherlands. To start your online application,

  • Head to the Passport Seva website.
  • Register by clicking on the Register tab.
  • Log in with the registered login ID and Password on the User Login tab if you already have an account.
  • Select Apply for a Passport Renewal under Services Offered and choose the reason for re-issuance.
  • Choose the application type. If you would like your application to be handled expressly, choose Tatkal(this comes with additional charges), else you can just choose Normal
  • Take your time to complete the online form carefully and correctly with the right details.
  • As the website indicates, upload a scanned copy of the pages of your current passport.
  • Double-check your application before submitting it online.
  • Download the submitted application form.

Schedule an appointment at VFS Global Centre: Once you’re done with the Passport Seva website, head over to the VFS Global website to schedule an appointment to submit your passport renewal application. We advise that you do this because a scheduled appointment guarantees that you will be attended to once it is time for your appointment. 

Consulates have a limited number of walk-in applications they can attend to in a day. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that you don’t make a futile journey.

Get your documents and passport renewal fees ready for your appointment: For more information about the passport renewal fees, see the fee structure here. You can make payment during your appointment by cash, card or transfer. The documents you need for your appointment are:

  • A printout of the downloaded online application form
  • Original and photocopies of all the pages of your current Indian passport.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs with the specifications stated here.
  • A photocopy of your Dutch Residence Permit page.
  • When applying for their wards who are minors, the parents need to provide the following: Clear photocopies of both parents' valid passports, clear photocopies of Dutch residence permits, and an undertaking form in special cases.
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Attend your appointment at VFS Global Service Centre:

  • Prepare the required documents and the passport renewal fees and attend your appointment at the VFS Global Centre at the Embassy of India, The Hague or the Consulate General of India, Amsterdam depending on your location. 
  • Submit the required documents and verify the originals.
  • Pay the applicable passport renewal fees through the accepted payment methods.
For more information on what happens during your appointment and how to handle yourself, check here.

Collect Your New Passport: After your appointment, wait to be contacted for the collection of your new passport by VFS Global. If you can’t collect it in person at the Centre, you can have it delivered to your address. 

Wrapping Up.

In conclusion, here’s a reiteration of helpful tips for your Indian passport renewal in the Netherlands:

  • Always check that your documents are valid, complete and meet the required specifications.
  • Pay your passport renewal fees.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to the VFS Global Netherlands Helpdesk if you have any questions. 

These steps and tips will help you successfully renew your Indian passport in the Netherlands without hassles. 

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