How to send money abroad from Finland

How to send money abroad from Finland

Sending money abroad from Finland is important for various reasons like supporting family, paying for education, or conducting business transactions. Traditional methods, such as bank transfers or remittance services, often involve high fees, slow processing times, and complex procedures.

In this guide, we'll be discussing both traditional and modern methods, and their pros and cons, to guide you in making the best decision when sending money abroad from Finland.

How do I send Money Abroad from Finland?

There is a range of options to consider when attempting to send money abroad from Finland, and they are broadly categorized as:

Modern Methods: Payment apps such as OhentPay are changing the landscape by providing a quicker, simpler, and more transparent method for international money transfers. OhentPay serves as a trusted platform for global transactions, including sending money abroad from Finland. OhentPay offers competitive exchange rates, security measures, convenience and accessibility, and low transaction fees. Simply download the OhentPay app, register an account, complete a two-minute KYC verification for added security, link your preferred card, and begin transacting!

How to send Money Abroad from Finland using OhentPay.

To send money abroad from Finland, follow these steps:

  • Open the OhentPay application and sign in using your PIN or fingerprint.
  • Press the 'Send' button or the arrow icon located on the home page.
  • On the 'send money' page, choose the currency you wish to send money in using the drop-down button.
  • Then, tap on "Select Recipient' and include a recipient by tapping the '+' symbol situated at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the country where your recipient resides from a list of over 190 countries, and specify the currency for the money transfer.
  • Complete the remaining fields on the form and tap 'Add Recipient.' 
  • Verify the recipient's information shown on the screen and opt for 'Pay with Card.' The transaction fees and estimated delivery time will be visible (make sure you have linked your card to your OhentPay account).

Traditional Methods: The following are traditional methods of sending money abroad from Finland:

  • Banks: While banks usually have strong security, they often charge higher fees because of fixed transaction costs, take longer to process, require in-person visits, and offer less favourable exchange rates. They're mainly suitable for occasional transactions and smaller amounts.
  • Money Transfer Operators(MTOs): Although MTOs such as Western Union and MoneyGram provide quick and convenient international money transfers, their ease of use comes with higher fees and restricted payout choices. They are suitable for urgent, small transfers where speed is more important than cost.
  • Cheques and Money Orders: Although providing a sense of familiarity, cheques and money orders are slow, inconvenient, and frequently have high fees and security complications. They involve extended waiting periods, the potential for loss, and limited accessibility in foreign countries.




Money Transfer Operators (MTOs)



Low & transparent

High (wire transfers, SWIFT)

Moderate (variable)

High (issuing fees, hidden charges)


Fast (same day or next day)

Slow (2-5 business days)

Moderate (same day to 3 days)

Very slow (weeks)


Mobile app & online platform

Requires visiting a branch

Online and physical locations

Limited availability, require mailing


All fees displayed upfront

Fees unclear, hidden charges possible

Variable fees, not always upfront

Fixed fees, limited transparency


Secure online platform, fraud protection

Reputable, but risk of fraud

Generally secure, but potential scams

Prone to loss or theft


Simple & intuitive mobile app/website

Complex process, requires paperwork

Moderate, may require account creation

Inconvenient, time-consuming

Wrapping Up.

Sending money abroad from Finland requires careful consideration of various options. Among them, OhentPay is the top choice, offering the most favourable rates, low transaction fees, and swift, secure, and cost-effective transactions. 

If you’d like to send money anywhere in the world in over 190+ countries and prefer fast transfers at great rates, we recommend the OhentPay money transfer service. Create an account to get started here.

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