How to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in Italy

How to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in Italy

The mere mention of "Nigerian passport renewal in Italy" will send shivers down the spines of Nigerians living in Italy. There have been countless stories of endless queues, delayed passports, and unresponsive officials to prove further that the experience is soul-draining. While rooted in truth, these worries often stem from a lack of comprehensive information about the process and its requirements.

In this blog article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide to renewing your Nigerian passport in Italy, from the online application to the appointment at the Embassy, addressing common concerns and misconceptions, and providing practical tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free renewal experience.

Step-by-step Guide to Renewing Your Nigerian Passport in Italy

To renew your Nigerian passport in Italy, you must follow these steps:

Complete the online application.

  • Visit the new official Nigerian Immigration Service website.
  • Scroll down to  "Passport" and tap on Apply.
  • You will be  provided with  two options: tap on "applying from outside Nigeria." 
  • Choose "apply" for passport renewal in the passport section.
  • Select 'Standard E-passport' and choose the processing country, Italy, to start the online application form.
  • Select the Processing Embassy in Italy(Rome).
  • Complete the online form and ensure you print out a copy of the completed application before you are directed to make payment.
  • You will be given a reference number and an application ID upon submission.
You can visit the website of the Nigerian Embassy in Rome for more information regarding specific passport renewal requests.
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Make your payment online.

The fees for renewing a Nigerian passport in Italy are based on the number of pages and the applicant's age. The table below summarizes the current prices available for each age group:





Minor (0-17 yrs)



5 years

Adult(18-59 yrs)



5 years

Senior(60+ yrs)



5 years

  • After you complete the online application, you will be directed to make a payment
  • You can pay the fee with a credit/debit card or a Post Office money order.
  •  After payment, print the payment confirmation slip.
  • In addition to printing your payment confirmation slip, please print the acknowledgement slip as well. You can do this by clicking the "print acknowledgement slip" button, which is placed next to the receipt button.
In case you weren't able to do that, you can also access the acknowledgement slip by visiting the Status query page, entering your application type, application ID, and reference number, and clicking "search record".

Schedule an appointment.

Once you've finished the online application and payment, your next move is to secure an appointment with the Nigerian Embassy in Rome. Here's the procedure:

  • Visit the appointment page on the Nigerian Immigration Service website.
  • Log in using your reference number and application ID.
  • Choose your preferred appointment location(Nigerian Embassy in Rome).
  • Select a date and time slot from the available options.
  •  Ensure your chosen date doesn't clash with any public holidays (you can check the embassy's website for news about public holidays).
  • Confirm your appointment and print the appointment (confirmation) slip.
To avoid any troubles that a possibly delayed passport renewal may cause, it is advisable to schedule your appointment 6 months to a year before your passport expires.

Attend your appointment.

Ensure you have gathered all the required documents before your appointment. The documents needed for Nigerian passport renewal in Italy include:

  • 2 copies of your passport photographs.
  • Copies of the printed online application form.
  • Copies of printed passport acknowledgement slip.
  • Copies of printed payment confirmation slip.
  • Current/expired Nigerian passport.
  • Copies of your passport data page.
  • Original and photocopied residence permit.
  • Original and photocopied proof of address in Italy.
  • €30 administrative fee.
  • A self-addressed pre-paid envelope.
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Additional Tips For a Nigerian Passport Renewal In Italy

  • Passport Renewal appointments at the Nigerian Embassy in Rome are on Monday to Wednesday, between 9am and 2.00pm.
  • For Minors, bring along copies of the birth certificate, parent consent letter, parents' passport data pages, and custody proof (if single parent).
  • The Embassy also offers passport renewal in the case of a lost passport, as well as amendments to a passport due to marriage or error.
  • For a lost passport, you must bring a police report (both in English and Italian), a handwritten letter addressed to the Comptroller-General of NIS in Abuja, and all other required documents.
  • For an amendment to the passport due to marriage, you must provide a copy of the Marriage Certificate or Declaration of Marriage; a Sworn Affidavit from a Magistrate or High Court of Change of Name deposed to by the Applicant; a Copy of Newspaper Publication of Change of Name (21 days after publication); Statutory evidence of change of name (if resident outside Nigeria);
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Wrapping Up.

It isn't uncommon that you'd be advised to get in touch with third-party services or intermediaries to help you with the process of renewing your Nigerian passport in Italy. While this might be helpful, it isn't the standard practice and can have serious consequences when it backfires.

With this article, we have explained the official process as simply as possible, provided a step-by-step guide to renewing your Nigerian passport in Italy, addressed your concerns, and answered questions you might have. We hope it helps!

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