How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport in France

How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport in France

For many Nigerians living in France, maintaining an up-to-date Nigerian passport is essential for travel, opening bank accounts, renting an apartment, and applying for specific permits. People who have experienced the renewal process for a Nigerian passport in France often refer to it as a challenging process, filled with confusing procedures, longer waiting times, and bureaucratic obstacles.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about renewing your Nigerian passport in France. From the required documents to the online application process, fee payment options, and appointment booking tips. So, whether you're a seasoned Francophile Nigerian or a new immigrant adjusting to life in France, this guide is all you need to guide you on how to renew your Nigerian passport in France!

Step-by-step Guide to Renewing Your Nigerian Passport in France

To renew your Nigerian passport in France, you should follow these steps:

Complete the online application.

  • Head to the official Nigerian Immigration Service website.
  • Choose "apply now" in the passport menu, and choose "apply outside Nigeria."
  • Select  "apply" for passport renewal in the passport section.
  • Select 'Standard E-passport' and choose the processing country, France, to start the online application form.
  • Login using your Google, Yahoo, or OpenID. If you do not have one, you can create an account.
  • Select the processing Embassy in Paris.
  • You will be asked to fill in other personal details too.
  • Fill out the online form and print a copy of the completed application before proceeding to the payment step.
  • You will receive a reference number and an application ID upon applying.
For detailed information on particular passport requests or renewal concerns, please visit the Embassy of Nigeria Paris-France website.
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Make your payment online.

The costs associated with renewing a Nigerian passport in France vary based on the applicant's age and the number of pages needed. The table below details the current fees for each age group:








5 years

Adult (18-59 yrs)



5 years

Senior (60+ yes)



5 years

  • You can pay the fee online using your credit/debit card.
  • After payment, print the payment receipt (confirmation) slip.
At your appointment, it is essential to make a €30 additional administrative fee payment, which can be paid in cash, using your credit/debit card, or a money order. Ensure the money order is payable to "Ambassade du Nigeria Paris."

Schedule an appointment.

Upon completing the online application and payment, your next step is to schedule an appointment with the Embassy of Nigeria in Paris. The process is as follows:

  • Visit the appointment page on the Nigerian Immigration Service website.
  • Sign in using your reference number and application ID.
  • Select your desired appointment venue (Embassy of Nigeria in Paris).
  • Pick a suitable date and time from the provided choices.
  • Verify that your selected date doesn't coincide with any public holidays (refer to the Embassy's website for holiday updates).
  • Confirm your appointment and print the appointment (confirmation) slip.

Attend your appointment.

Start with the essentials first. Gather all necessary documents before your appointment. To renew your Nigerian passport in France, you will need the following documents:

  • 2 copies of your passport photographs
  • Copies of the printed online application form
  • Copies of printed passport acknowledgement slip
  • Current/expired Nigerian passport.
  • Copies of your passport data page.
  • Original and photocopied residence permit.
  • Guarantor's form.
  • Guarantor's e-passport data page.
  • €30 administrative fee.
  • Guarantor's one passport-sized photograph.
  • On your appointment day, arrive at the Nigerian Embassy as early as possible, as individuals are typically attended to on a "first come, first served" basis.
  • At the Embassy, you will undergo biometric capture.
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Additional Tips For Renewing a Nigerian Passport In France

  • The Embassy also provides passport renewal services for lost passports and facilitates amendments for marriage or error-related changes.
  • For a lost passport, you should bring in the following: police report (in both English and French), data page of lost passport, birth certificate, handwritten letter addressed to the Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (CGI), Abuja, indicating circumstances of lost passport, payment of the sum of €188 for lost passport, and all other documents stated in the checklist for a renewal.
  • For an amendment, you should bring the following: an application letter stating reasons for change/correction of errors, an affidavit from a magistrate or high court of correction of error, a copy of newspaper publication for change of name, and all other required documents stated in the checklist.
  • If it takes longer than a month to hear back from the Embassy regarding your passport renewal, it is advisable that you have your representative check in for you, or you go down to the embassy yourself if convenient.
  • You can reach the Embassy of Nigeria in Paris through mail or a phone call. To send an email, the Embassy's email address is: [email protected].

Wrapping Up.

While the process of renewing a Nigerian passport in France may pose some challenges, with the knowledge you've gained from this guide, you're well-equipped to navigate it with confidence.

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