How to renew an Indian Passport in Sweden

How to renew an Indian Passport in Sweden

As an immigrant, living abroad means you must keep track of many things. Your credit score, the laws in your country of residence, your environment and most of all, your identifying documents. One of these documents is your passport.

Renewing an Indian passport in Sweden can seem daunting, but don't worry! This article will walk you through the steps, from filling out the application to submitting the documents and receiving your renewed passport and equip you with the knowledge and resources needed for a smooth renewal process.

Everything You Need To Know About Renewing Your Indian Passport In Sweden.

In Sweden, two methods of applying for the renewal of Indian passports. 

  • One of them is through The Embassy of India in Stockholm which handles passport renewal applications for Indian citizens residing in Sweden and Latvia. This method involves scheduling an appointment at the embassy and personally submitting your application and documents.
Contact the embassy for current appointment procedures and fees here.
  • The other method allows mailing your application and documents to the Indian Embassy in Stockholm. Ensure you follow the official guidelines for secure packaging and registered mail services.
The address of the Indian Embassy in Stockholm is: Kornhamnstorg 4, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For An Indian Passport Renewal In Sweden.

To apply for this service, you'll need:

  • An Indian passport that's valid for at least one more year (unless it's been damaged, lost, or stolen).
  • A valid residence permit as a resident of Sweden. 
Want to see how it works yourself? Download the app and create an account for free here.

Documents Required For Your Passport Renewal.

  • Current Passport: You will need to submit the original of your existing passport along with a photocopy of the biographical data page.
  • Proof of Residence in Sweden: Your Swedish residence permit, a utility bill or a rental agreement will do nicely for this.
  • Photographs: Two recent, coloured passport-sized photographs meeting the specified online format stated here.
  • Identity Proof: An additional document proving your identity, such as a Swedish driver's license, or national ID card.
  • Completed Online Application Form: Download the online application form (Form ECR) from the Passport Seva website ( Fill it out accurately and completely in English.
For more details on the prerequisites for your passport application see here

A Step By Step Guide To Applying For Your Indian Passport Renewal In Sweden.

After you've chosen your preferred method of passport renewal and gathered all the necessary documents, you're ready to start the application process. Here’s how to get started:

  • Fill out your application form on the Passport Seva Portal: The first step is to upload the required scanned documents on the Passport Seva portal and fill out the application form.
  • Pay your application fees: Next, pay the renewal fees online (if applicable) or at the embassy counter. The appropriate fees can be found on the Passport Seva website ( This is a very important step in your application process.
  • Submit your application documents: Now it’s time to submit your completed application form, documents, and payment receipt either in person at the embassy or through a registered post.
Want to see how it works yourself? Download the app and create an account for free here.

How To Track Your Submitted Application.

You can easily track the status of your application on the Passport Seva portal after a certain processing period. You will be updated on the various stages of your application, including police verification and dispatch.

When your passport has been renewed, you’ll receive notifications on collection. You can collect your renewed passport by:

  • Collecting your renewed passport from the embassy after receiving notification if you applied in person at the embassy.
  • The renewed passport will be delivered to your registered address through a secure mail if you apply for renewal by registered post.

Pro Tips for a Smooth Renewal Process.

  • To make sure you don't experience any delays, it’s recommended that you start the renewal process well in advance of your passport's expiry date.
  • Please ensure that all of your documents are complete, valid, and meet the specified format. It's important to fill out the application form accurately and provide precise contact details.
  • To make sure your photographs are clear, please follow the official guidelines for size and background. 
  • Don't forget to regularly check the status of your application on the Passport Seva portal.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions, concerns or issues during the process, feel free to reach out to the Indian Embassy in Stockholm for assistance.

Wrapping Up.

Renewing your Indian passport in Sweden can be a very easy process with proper planning and knowledge. Following the information in this guide, paying attention to important things like the validity of your documents and ensuring that you meet application deadlines will ensure that you can smoothly renew your Indian passport in Sweden.

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