How To Renew an Indian Passport In Kuwait

How To Renew an Indian Passport In Kuwait

Is the expiry date of your Indian passport almost near and you’re feeling anxious at the prospect of going through various red tapes to renew it? Are you an Indian living in Kuwait and looking to renew your passport so that you can have the chance to travel and explore?

This post will give you tips and the latest information on how to renew your Indian passport in Kuwait without hassles. Valid and updated passport has so many benefits among which are: 

  • Peace of mind and freedom to travel without last-minute disruptions and hold-ups at the border. 
  • Advanced security security to protect you from fraud and identity theft.
  • An updated passport shows updated Information about you including name and address changes.
  • You are automatically eligible for some services in India and Kuwait as long as your passport is valid and updated.

Now, let's talk about the process of renewing your Indian passport in Kuwait. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Renewing Your Indian Passport In Kuwait

Unlike some other countries, when renewing your Indian passport in Kuwait, you have to go through a special service(BLS International Services) designated for that purpose. You won’t be working directly with the Embassy of India, Kuwait. You will just have to submit your application to BLS International Services who will then forward it to the Embassy for processing.  

BLS International Services is the designated service provider of passport and other consular services for Indians in Kuwait, this company handles the application process, document collection, and initial verification for passport renewals.

Key Steps for Renewal of Your Indian Passport in Kuwait

Prepare the required documents.

The documents you will need are:

  • Online application form printout: Go to the Passport Seva website, fill out the application form and print a copy.
  • Original and photocopy of existing passport: Make sure your current passport is on hand. Make photocopies of all the pages even if they’re blank. 
  • Two Recent Passport-Sized Photographs: The photographs should meet the Embassy requirements. 
  • Proof of Residence in Kuwait: This is a copy of your valid Kuwaiti residence permit document.
  • For Minors: Parents applying for a passport renewal for their ward under 18 should provide clear copies of their passports and proof of Kuwaiti residence permits.

Start your online application.

All you need to do here is visit the Passport Seva website, fill out the online application form carefully, and submit it. Please double-check that all information matches the information on your existing passport and the provided documents.

Schedule an appointment with the BLS international services centre closest to you.

After submitting your online application, go to  BLS International Services to schedule an appointment to ensure that your application is treated as and when due. As you get ready for your appointment;

  • Double-check the validity of your documents before submission.
  • Ensure your photographs meet the specified requirements.
  • Go to BLS International Services to find out the latest guidelines and fee structure for passport renewals.
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Attend your appointment and submit your application.

On your appointment date, visit the designated BLS International Services centre and submit the completed application form printout, your original documents, and their photocopies to the BLS International Services staff. Get your originals verified to check for validity. 

Don’t forget your passport renewal fees as specified by the BLS International Services website or the service centre staff .

Collect your renewed passport.

You will receive updates on when to come for your new passport. You can also request to have it delivered to your address. Please note that deliveries attract additional charges.

Wrapping Up

In Kuwait, renewing your Indian passport doesn't have to be a Herculean task. With this comprehensive guide, you have everything to guarantee you a smooth process. Just ensure that you follow the instructions, which include getting your documents ready on time and filling out your application form carefully.

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