How To Renew a Nigerian Passport in South Africa

How To Renew a Nigerian Passport in South Africa

If you are a Nigerian living in South Africa and you have intentions of travelling home or visiting other countries of the world, it is important to know how to renew your Nigerian passport beforehand. Once your passport expires or you run out of free pages, the procedures that come with the renewal of a Nigerian passport in South Africa can be overwhelming.

So, it is advised that you begin the application process early, that is at least six months before the end of the validity period or before the pages are completely used up. Whether your passport has limited space, is invalid or about to expire, we've arranged these carefully listed steps to help you renew your Nigerian passport and get it approved in no time.

In this article, we will make your passport renewal process smooth by breaking down all the required steps. Renewing your Nigerian Passport in South Africa involves an online application process, an offline appointment and collection.

Online Steps for a Nigerian Passport Renewal In South Africa

  • Visit the Home page of the Nigeria Immigration Service Portal, here.
  • Login or authenticate to be granted access to the application form.
  • Once you're logged in, click on 'Fill Application Form' to begin your application process.
  • Locate & select the suitable passport application form. This can be either an Electronic Passport (e-Passport Application Form) or the Machine Readable Passport (MRP-Passport Application Form).
  • Choose a passport type (either Standard e-Passport OR Official e-Passport), then click on the 'Start Application' button.
  • Select South Africa as the processing country and any Nigeria consulate in South Africa you wish as the processing embassy 
  • Click the 'PRINT' Button to print out your completed form or you can leave the page and proceed to payment.
  • If you want to view your details, Click on the 'Submit Application' button.
  • Once you confirm your details, Click on “Proceed to Online Payment” to begin the payment process (Your Passport will not be processed unless you make payment).
  • Select your payment currency. And, because your processing country is South Africa, payment will be made in Dollars.
  •  Click on the 'Pay in Dollars' option, then on the 'Continue' button. You will be redirected to an approved payment platform to complete your application
  • Proceed to the Nigeria Immigration Service (N.I.S) portal to confirm your payment.
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How To Confirm Your Payment And Print Receipt On The N.I.S Portal 

  • Visit the 'Query your Application Payment Status' and input your Passport Application ID and Reference number.
  • A 'Validation Number' field will pop up. Enter the number from your 'approved payment platform provider' receipt when it does. 
N.B: Validation Number gets generated after payment through the Bank.
  • Submit the details. Once your payment is confirmed, proceed to view your interview date.
  • Click on the 'Search Record' button and you will be redirected to the 'Applicant's Details' page where a date for your interview has been generated.
  • Go on and Print your NIS e-receipt or acknowledgement slip on a new page. 
  • Click on the 'Print' button to send a copy to the printer.

Offline Steps for a Nigerian Passport Renewal In South Africa

  • Visit the passport office, embassy or high commission you filled as the 'Processing Embassy' to submit your application form and other documents.
  •  If your expired passport is over six months old, your biometric data will be captured and your photograph taken.

Documents Required for the Renewal of a Nigerian Passport in South Africa

  • Online application form: Make sure you sign and include a date on the completed form.
  • Old Nigerian Passport: Go along with the old passport you are attempting to replace and a photocopy of the passport data page.
  • Passport Photograph: Ensure you have two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Payment Receipt.
  • Acknowledgement Slip.
  • Guarantor Form: A completed, signed and dated guarantor's form must be submitted along with the following; A photocopy of your guarantor's Nigerian Passport and a photocopy of his/her Driving License or National Identity Card.
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What Is The Cost of Renewing a Nigerian Passport?

The cost of renewing a Nigerian passport depends on the age of the holder and the number of pages requested. According to the Nigeria Immigration Service, the amount to be paid for passport renewal is as follows;

For a passport with 32 Pages:

  • Age 0 - 17: $65. 
  • Age 18 - 59: $94.
  • Age 60+: $65

For a passport with 64 Pages:

  • Age 0 - 17(5-year validity): $125.
  • Age 18 - 59 (10-year validity): $125.
  • Age 60+ (10-year validity): $125.

Wrapping Up.

To avoid delay or rejection of your renewal request, carefully follow the steps above. Once again, you're advised to apply at least six months before your passport expires. During the process of applying ensure that all the required documents are correctly and carefully filled out.

Finally, check out the Nigeria Immigration Service portal for more updates and detailed instructions.

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