How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in Kenya

How to Renew a Nigerian Passport in Kenya

Whether you’re visiting or residing in Kenya as a tourist, student or dual citizen, you might need to renew your passport in the country. Luckily, in addition to being visa-free for Nigerians, Kenya is one of the easiest countries to renew your Nigerian passport in. The process is very straightforward and seamless. 

In this post, we’ll show you everything you need as well as a step-by-step guide on how to renew your Nigerian passport in Kenya successfully.

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Everything You Need to Successfully Renew Your International Passport in Kenya

Similar to the immigration services in Nigeria, the Nigerian High Commission in Kenya requires you to have certain documents before you can be issued a new passport. The required documents are;

  • A payment slip showing your passport renewal payment confirmation
  • Proof of residency in Kenya - a utility bill or rental agreement
  • The passport acknowledgement slip is granted after applying online
  • A signed and dated copy of your passport renewal online application form
  • Two copies of your passport photograph (preferably with a white or red background)
  • Your current and expired passport 
  • A photocopy of your current passport data page

Once all of this is complete, you can then start the application process outlined below and confidently proceed to the high commission in person. 

How to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in Kenya

First, you need to have your current Nigerian passport, some passport photographs with a white background and your proof of Kenyan residency. Once you have all this, here’s how to apply for your passport renewal.

  • Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service portal.
  • Under the drop-down for Nigerian passport, click on ‘Apply for passport renewal’.
  • Create an account by tapping on ‘Sign in’.
  • Be sure to accurately fill out the online form.
  • Cross-check the details to be sure you aren’t missing anything.
  • Print out this application form or save it before proceeding to the payment stage.
  • Complete your payment using a reliable debit card.
  • After completing the payment, you’ll get a pop-up or redirect nudging you to book an appointment at the Nigerian High Commission in Nairobi.
  • Choose a date and time and be early to this appointment.
  • If at any point you can’t download the payment or acknowledgement slip, make a request here to download it.
Once you complete your biometric capture in person on your appointment date, you’ll get an SMS or email letting you know that your passport is ready. After which, you can pick it up from the Nigerian High Commission, Kenya.
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How much does it cost to renew a Nigerian passport in Kenya?

According to the rates shared by the Nigerian High Commission in Kenya, the rates vary based on the applicant's age and passport pages. Nothing is said about the validity period so we assume this would be for the five-year renewal window. Interestingly, the prices are quoted in USD which means, you’d have to pay in Dollars. 

Minors between the age of 0-17 and elderly citizens from ages 60 and up are required to pay $77 for 32 pages and $137 for 64 pages. For adults between ages 18-59 will pay $106 for 32 pages and $137 for the 64 pages option.

Wrapping Up.

While these steps are pretty accurate, we also highly recommend visiting the Nigerian Immigration Service website or the Nigerian High Commission in Nairobi website to be ahead of any impending changes. Don’t forget to top up your virtual card before starting this renewal process to prevent any reload issues. 

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