How to call Nigeria from Ghana

How to call Nigeria from Ghana

In today's interconnected world, the necessity of reaching out to Nigeria from Ghana transcends geographical boundaries, be it for business collaborations, staying in touch with family, or connecting with friends. However, the process is not without its challenges—juggling time zones and navigating unfamiliar dialling codes can be challenging.

This article aims to simplify the complexities of calling Nigeria from Ghana, offering a comprehensive guide to overcoming these obstacles and ensuring seamless and successful connections. Whether you're a business professional or an individual maintaining close ties, our guide will help you to make affordable and hassle-free calls from Ghana to Nigeria.

How can I call Nigeria from Ghana?

Dialling Nigeria from Ghana can be done through two primary methods:

Traditional Phone Calls.

For Mobile Phones:

  • Start with 00, your exit code from Ghana's calling network.
  • Next comes +234, the country code welcoming you to Nigeria.
  • Finally, add the 8-digit mobile number of the recipient to +234.
  • Upon completion, the format should look like this: 00 + 234 + 8012345678.

For Landlines:

  • Start with 00, your exit code from Ghana's calling network.
  • Next comes +234, the country code welcoming you to Nigeria.
  • If dialling a landline, include the area code (e.g., Lagos: 1).
  • Eliminate the preceding numbers before the recipient's number such as '080', '081', '070', and the like.
  • When executed accurately, the format should look like 00 + 234 + 1 + 1234567.
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Below is a table summarising the dial codes for major cities in Nigeria when calling a landline from Ghana. These are just a few major locations in Nigeria. You may require additional details about different area codes for various locations in Nigeria may be required when dialling from Ghana.






00 234 1 1234567



00 234 9 1234567



00 234 2 1234567



00 234 64 1234567

Port Harcourt


00 234 84 1234567

Benin City


00 234 52 1234567



00 234 42 1234567

International Call Services.

Although traditional phone calls have their appeal, embracing the digital era brings a lot of economic alternatives for staying in touch with loved ones in Nigeria. Welcome the convenience of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and others!

Some of these services include:

  • WhatsApp: Renowned for casual communication, WhatsApp now enables free voice and video calls among its users, making it a convenient & affordable option for staying connected with friends and family.
  • Skype: provides dependable calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging in a single package. Additional perks include screen sharing and group calls!
  • Viber: This app offers high-quality calls, complimentary stickers and GIFs, and even games to add some fun to your conversations with family and friends.

Effectively handling communication costs, especially when abroad from Ghana to Nigeria, can be challenging. However, here are a few bonus tips to remember before placing a call from Ghana to Nigeria.

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Bonus Tips for Seamless Calls from Ghana to Nigeria

  • Remember, Nigeria is one hour ahead of Ghana. Plan your calls accordingly to avoid catching your loved ones bleary-eyed in the morning or asleep at night.
  • You can purchase prepaid calling cards specifically for calls to Nigeria. These can offer competitive rates compared to direct dialling, especially for longer conversations.
  • Check with your Ghanaian mobile operator for special calling packages or bundles that include discounted rates for international calls to Nigeria.

Wrapping Up.

Thanks to technological advancements, bridging the communication gap between Ghana and Nigeria is now just a call away. By following the outlined steps in this guide, you can easily connect with your friends, family, or business contacts across borders. Remember, communication knows no boundaries, and OhentPay's goal is to facilitate seamless connections. 

For more insightful information on international calling and connectivity tips for various countries, be sure to explore our blog.

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