How to Call Nigeria From Canada

How to Call Nigeria From Canada

Connecting with loved ones or conducting business in Nigeria from Canada entails overcoming challenges such as navigating distinct time zones and deciphering unfamiliar dialling codes. Whether it's fostering family ties or fostering global business relationships, the need for clear communication remains crucial. 

This article aims to serve as a reliable guide, addressing these challenges head-on and offering a comprehensive roadmap for successful calls. As we delve into the intricacies of international dialling, you will surely gain valuable insights on establishing seamless connections across borders.

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How can I call Nigeria from Canada?

Calling Nigeria from Canada can be achieved using two main methods:

Traditional phone calls.

For Mobile Phones:

  • Start with Canada's exit code, 011.
  • Next, dial Nigeria's country code, 234.
  • Replace the first zero of the Nigerian number with the area/city code(e.g. Lagos is 1).
  • Finally, add the remaining digits.
  • For example, the phone number 08123456789 will become 011-234-1-8123456789.

For Landlines:

Some Canadian landline providers require you to dial an access code (like "9") before the exit code. Check with your provider to see if this applies to yours

  • Dial Canada's exit code, 011.
  • If required by your provider, dial the access code.
  • Dial Nigeria's country code, 234.
  • Skip the leading zero and dial the area code of where you are calling (e.g. Lagos-1).
  • For example, for the landline number "1234567", if your provider requires an access code of "9", the complete dial string would be 9 - 011 - 234 - 1 - 1234567.
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Here is a table outlining the dialling codes for major Nigerian cities when making calls from Canada:











Port Harcourt


Benin City




These are just a few examples; you might need further information on different area codes for various Nigerian locations when dialling from Canada.

Bonus Tips for Seamless Calls from Canada to Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in Canada. Plan your calls accordingly to avoid waking loved ones or missing business hours.
  • Consider calling during weekends when off-peak rates might apply, saving you some money.
  • Check if your mobile plan offers international calling packages or bundles for discounted rates to specific countries like Nigeria

Wrapping Up.

Navigating international calls from Canada to Nigeria demands a strategic approach, and this guide aims to streamline that process for you. By embracing the tips and methods outlined, you can foster seamless connections with friends, family, or business associates in Nigeria. Remember, our blog features similar comprehensive guides for calling various countries, ensuring you stay well-informed wherever your connections may lead.

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